The Table Podcast Series

EP 1: Graduation

Mackenzie has finally finished high school and is now walking into a life of independence at A&M. Follow Mackenzie's life, as she works to balance school and life, while trying to discover her identity.

EP 2: A Different World

Mackenzie is settling in to her new space at A&M and finally meets her new roommate. She, her roommate and her girls, get together everyday to discuss life's happenings at 'The Table'.

EP 3: Thirsty Thursdays

Mackenzie and Kiara hit up Thirsty Thursdays, and Makenzie is introduced to a new possible love interest.

EP 4: Insecure

Mackenzie works to comfort Kiara, as she find herself in the center of a campus wide scandal.

EP 5: Homecoming

Mackenzie experiences her first Homecoming, and ain't nothing like an HBCU Homecoming!!!

EP 6: It All Falls Down

Mackenzie finds herself in a compromising situations, making her the focus of campus gossip. How will she navigate the drama?

EP 7: Come To The Table

In the season conclusion, Mackenzie discovers that she is at the center of campus drama. While in the midst of drama, she realizes just how lost she is, and works to find herself.

Word & Wine

Welcome to Word & Wine

Grab a glass of Wine or pre-Wine (Water) and let's dive into some Word!

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Table Talk


Welcome to Table Talk

Table Talk is a podcast featuring Amber LaTrece, a young and vibrant 20-something traveling the world, learning and experiencing various cultures. So grab your cup of tea or brew a cup of coffee and take a moment to indulge in a taste at The Table. 

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